The King of Everything
painting of Baxter Some lessons I learned from Baxter:

Never settle for less than what you're worth.

Demand and you shall receive.

Nothing beats instant gratification.
Photo of Baxter Baxter's story, as told by his mom, Sue:

"I adopted Baxter from my local animal shelter when he was only five weeks old. He was so pathetically tiny and sweet that I fell in love with him instantly. He curled up on my neck and fell asleep, purring all night long. Unfortunately, the next morning Baxter awoke with symptoms of an upper respiratory virus. He was sneezing, his nose was running, and he was very lethargic. The vet was not at all encouraging with his prognosis. Baxter was very young, and very ill. He was not able to eat, and it seemed he was going downhill quickly. I tried everything tasty I could think of with hopes of perking up his appetite, and finally had success with a Gerber baby food meat product. For a month, Baxter licked his meals off the tip of my finger, and slowly but surely he regained his health and energy.

And now, a year and a half later, a robust and demanding Baxter rules my household. He still gets his breakfast in bed, since he just won't have it any other way. Spoiled to the max, he is my all-time favorite cat. Even though the vet predicted otherwise, I never accepted the possibililty that Baxter might not survive. Sometimes I think I pulled that little guy through on sheer will power and determination."


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