Mended Hearts
painting of Buster and Brandy Some lessons Bloom has learned from Buster and Brandy:

If you need only one good friend, pick her well.

If you want to heal, you must first learn to heal others.

Whine, snort, gurgle, sigh, groan - I AM talking!
Photo of Buster and Brandy Buster and Brandy's story (as told by their Mom, Bloom):

"My former husband and I got Buster from a breeder shortly after we were married. A year later, we found Brandy in a shelter in Camarillo. She was so pitiful, just skin and bones! She weighed only 14 lbs (now weighs 24), you could see every rib, and her hip bones stuck out like mountain peaks. Her eyes bugged out, her hair was dull grey, and her nails were curled underneath her foot pads. She was terrified of everything; not just noises and strangers - she was also afraid of toys. Evidently, she had never seen one.

Brandy knew no commands or words, either in English or Spanish, and she would fly straight up in the air if I so much as flipped my hair. What helped? Buster showed her how to be a dog! They bonded right away, and soon enough she was going to the beach, chasing birds, chewing toys, etc. She has actually become much more obedient than Buster! She makes all kinds of loud noises: snoring, chortling, sighing, groaning - she is hilarious!

When my husband and I divorced in 2011, he got Buster and I got Brandy. She immediately fell into a funk. After I'd bring her home from doggie day care, she would climb upstairs and go right to bed. If I called to her or tried to engage her in any activity, she simply refused to move. I finally convinced my ex to let me have Buster back. He agreed, and I brought him home. When I called to Brandy, she would not come downstairs. Finally, after I kept insisting, she started downstairs dejectely, one step and a time, sighing all the way, very slowly, as if to say 'Why bother? Who cares?' But as soon as she saw Buster, she went crazy! She started doing her rendition of the Daytona 500 all around the furniture in every room of the house! She circled and zoomed and barked and finally she and Buster crashed together in a big lump of dog on the couch, where they each grabbed their toys and went right back to their competitive chew-fest, together again at last, FOREVER!


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