Canis Major's Great Adventure

Canis Major - collage made from wine capsules

detail of grapvines and canis major constellation wine capsule sculpture collage
Canis Major Constellations and Grapevines - detail
On an evening not long ago, Orion and Canis Major were enjoying the spoils of a successful hunt.

"Canis Major, I've been thinking. Just as you have faithfully assisted me in my duties for so many centuries, so have the loyal Earth dogs of the wineries toiled tirelessly beside their masters. They deserve a reward, and it's only fitting that you should be the one to present it. But to do so, you must travel to Earth."

Canis Major was stunned. "Won't my celestial absence be noticed?"

"Not to worry, I've got it covered," Orion replied. "For years, I've been collecting bits and pieces of falling stars in preparation for this event." He dipped his large hand into a bulky cloth bag and scattered the contents across the night sky. Suddenly, hundreds of Canis Major constellations appeared in the galaxy.

Orion handed Canis Major a magic wand. "This is your night to outshine all other beasts in the Heavens. Go now, but hurry back - recycled stardust only glows for a few hours."

Canis Major gave the wand an experimental flick, and lo and behold, there appeared two huge boxes of bones. Orion's cloth bag morphed into a flying carpet, and Canis Major hopped aboard and sped off toward Earth.

The next morning, the grateful Earth dogs gnawed the tasty bones that Canis Major had placed in the vineyards. The leftovers composted into the ground and fertilized the grapevines, resulting in a delicious and heavenly harvest.

collage made from wine capsules and ink; assembled on archival paper

framed in a simple black metal frame

framed dimensions - 11" x 14"

(Special thanks to Mutt Lynch Winery for all those great foils!)

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