Animals Dear to My Heart - Series One

Animals Dear to My Heart painting

I painted these small portraits on grocery bags. The accompanying stories, though brief, capture an important essence of who these animals really are.

Buddha is ancient and creaky. He sleeps most of the time and saves his energy for things like eating, drinking and purring. One afternoon while he was napping in the garden, a baby dove fell from a nest above and landed on Buddha's head, knocking him temporarily unconscious. Shortly thereafter, both Buddha and the bird recovered. Buddha still dreams about this unusual event.

One Sunday morning a stray cat the size of a small melon came to our garden and gave birth to two stillborn kittens. She was too young and too hungry to mourn. A nice lady adopted her and named her Luna. Now Luna lives indoors. She eats tuna fish, plays with feathers, and watches television. No more illegitimate children for her.

Dixie was a mighty huntress. We decorated her collar with many small noise-making objects, and she became known far and wide as "Cat of Nine Bells." Then Dixie lost interest in live prey and began to kidnap stuffed animals from neighborhood children. One morning during a heavy rain, we found a pathetic creature lying belly-up in the backyard. We thought it was a mole, but it turned out to be a dolphin Beanie Baby. In between misdemeanors, Dixie often conversed with people, but she never said a word to other animals.

Peaches is twelve years old. She is part munchkin and part werewolf. She loves to eat but never gains weight because her tail is always wagging.

Some activities Peaches enjoys:
* going for walks in small towns and sneaking into coffee shops;
* stalking large black bumblebees;
* opening Christmas presents.

Peaches is a very happy and busy dog. We hope she lives to be 100.


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