Not a Drip for Days!
painting of Goose Some lessons I learned from Goose:

Home is where the cat is.

While it may be easier to hold a grudge, it is healthier in the long run to forgive.

Keep yourself hydrated.
Photo of Goose A Goose Story (as told by her Mom, Mitzi)

"When we brought Goose home, she was the tiniest little runt of a cat. Her eyes were still blue and she had to drink from a baby bottle. She missed her feline mommy and was constantly underfoot with her new human parents.

One day, I accidentally stepped on her foot and badly injured one of her toes, and poor Goose had to wear a tiny little cast. While her toe was healing, my husband and I carried her around in our pockets so that we wouldn't step on her again. Her little toenail is still deformed, and you can hear it clickety-clacking on the floor when she walks. We always know when she's approaching, no matter how hard she tries to quiet her steps.

Nowadays, we can't carry Goose around in our pockets (although she is still on the petite side!). However, she will always be our baby, and we will continue to indulge all of her eccentricities - including leaving the tap dripping just a bit so that she can always enjoy a fresh drink of water from the source she loves most."


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