Another Happy Ending for a Shelter Dog
painting of Hilde Some lessons I learned from Hilde:

One can never be too alert. On the other hand, one can never have too many naps, either.

Share your favorite things with friends.

The cat next door really IS a tease.
Photo of Hilde Just in the nick of time, Hilde was rescued from the Martinez animal shelter and relocated to the Berkeley Humane Society, where volunteers spent a month working on her social skills.

When Hilde arrived in Berkeley, she had no idea how to play or interact with other dogs. When John and Deb discovered her at the shelter, they realized she was a very smart and intense dog. Even though they knew she would be a challenge, they proceeded with her adoption because they recognized Hilde's potential.

Hilde now has many toys and and lots of canine buddies with whom she is more than happy to share her toys. She loves her rough-and-tough pals Mia, Gus and Lily. Playful and rowdy, Hilde loves to stalk and hunt anything and everything. When I went to Deb's house to meet Hilde after I was commissioned to paint her portrait, Hilde immediately zeroed in on my purse. As soon as I set it down, she nosed the flap open and quickly captured a baggie containing the rawhide chew I'd brought as an introductory gift for her.


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