(Where) Izzy?
painting of Izzy Some lessons I learned from Izzy:

People tend to appreciate you more if they have to earn your attention.

Once you master the fine art of self-amusement, your playtime becomes more creative.

Don't believe everything you read.
Photo of Izzy Before Izzy came to live with Carlye, he was enduring a miserable existence as a feral cat. After capture, he was confined in a cage for nearly two months while undergoing treatment for an eye infection. His name evolved from Carlye's constant question "Where is he?" because Izzy was always hiding.

Although he's still a bit skittish and wary of strangers, Izzy has made great "people progress". He has graduated from hiding under beds to peeking out from under the little newspaper houses which Carlye fashions for him. For more amusement, she also constructs tunnel mazes from couch and bed pillows, where Izzy enjoys hiding out for hours.

Izzy is fascinated by the computer screen and likes to hop up onto the shelves above Carlye's desk to watch the papers pop out of the printer. He has developed a serious addiction to catnip and small pieces of bagels with butter and jam. He drinks water from his own cat fountain and has learned to play fetch (when he's in the mood) with his favorite little red ribbon. Like an alarm clock, he awakens Carlye each morning at 2 AM for nose rubs and heavy petting.


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