The Rocky Road to Maturity
painting of Jammie and Sweet Pea Some lessons I learned from Jammie & Sweet Pea:

Telepathy is quicker than email.

Best friends are better in pairs.

Delight in differences!
Photo of Jammie and Sweet Pea After Misé passed away the day after Christmas, Alex and Ronan were so devastated by the loss of their beloved companion that they feared they may never be able to open their hearts to another cat. Their vet advised them to wait for a sign, which would most likely come when they least expected it. Alex tells the story of how Sweet Pea and Jammie joined the O'Gorman family.

"While Ronan and I were out for a walk during a vacation in Ireland, a small grey cat caught our attention. He seemed to be waving at us from behind an iron fence. Ronan turned to me and said 'There it is, there's the sign.' We couldn't wait to to get back home to begin our search for a new kitten.

Our local ASPCA had only two kittens available for adoption. They were in separate cages on opposite sides of the room. Ronan was handed the gray kitten to hold, and I was given the ginger-colored one. Ronan's kitten purred immediately, placed his paws on Ronan's face, and covered his nose with kisses. My little fellow was trembling and crying. 'Put them together in the same cage, we'll adopt them both,' I said. When we returned two days later to take them home after they'd been neutered, our new kids had become the best of friends.

Their names came easily. Jammie Dodger was named after a tasty Irish shortbread cookie with a jam-filled center. Sweet Pea was named after Billy Strayhorn, the great jazz pianist/songwriter upon whom Duke Ellington bestowed the same nickname. Their monikers suit them perfectly.

Sweet Pea is really not of this earth. We think he was exiled by aliens following a laboratory feline-constructing experiment gone awry. Sweet Pea trills like a bird, squats like a frog, and appears to have no bones. His eyes are more like those of an owl, he has feet like a rabbit, and his fur resembles the pelt of a cashmere goat.

Jammie is solid muscle. He's a deep thinker and frets frequently, but would love to put all his worries on the back burner and nap all day by your side if it were possible. In another lifetime, he was most likely an ornithologist. Jammie is always breaking his own record for vertical leaps, which is why he sometimes answers to 'Air Jammie' (Are those paws really white, or is he wearing Nikes?)

Sweet Pea is the Yin, Jammie is the Yang. We found them, they found each other, and now we are all together as a family. Thank goodness for the wisdom of our veterinarian."


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