I May Be French, But I'm Not Fancy!
painting of Jett Some lessons I learned from Jett:

Nothing chases away the blues better than a new toy.

When it can't get any worse, it usually gets better.

Poodles are one of God's best inventions.
Photo of Jett For the first five years of his life, Jett lived on the Rogue River in Oregon with an elderly couple. When the wife passed away, the husband moved to a senior housing complex. Not used to confinement, Jett continually dug under the fence of his small yard. One of his more noteworthy escapes led him into a drugstore in the nearby mall where he perused the aisles looking for bargains and evaded capture for hours. It soon became evident that the new living arrangements were not going to work for Jett, and his owner reluctantly placed an ad in the local paper with hopes of finding a suitable new home for his beloved companion.

Joan's family had previously owned two standard poodles. After losing them at ages eleven and sixteen, Joan was dogless for three years while she looked after ill family members. She doesn't know why she happened to look in the classified section the day after Jett's owner placed his ad, but there it was, and it commanded her attention. Joan called immediately, and a meeting was arranged with the understanding that Jett and his owner would come to Joan's home to "look the situation over". Right from the start, it was evident to all parties that the perfect match had been found. Jett made a rapid adjustment to his adoptive family and quickly realized that he was going to be very pampered in his new home.

Jett was a huge comfort to Joan's parents. After her dad developed Alzheimer's and had to be placed in a nursing home, Jett was given free run of the facility, much to the delight of the residents. As his disease progressed, Joan's dad forgot most family names, but not Jett's.

Three days before Christmas, Jett's stomach twisted, requiring emergency surgery. During the operation, some nodules on his spleen and neck were discovered and biopsied. Naturally everyone was worried, because at Jett's age (nearly 15), his prognosis for survival was doubtful. But the surgery was a success, the nodules were benign, and Jett rejoined his family on Christmas eve. Joan thinks that the black poodle angel ornament she hung on her holiday tree on the evening of Jett's surgery might have had something to do with his recovery.

Jett's claim to fame - he was featured in the "365 Days of Dogs" 1998 desktop calendar, and was photographed wearing boots and a plaid poncho. French, but not fancy!


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