Welcome to Jimbo's Studio!
Photo of Jimbo playing the sax Thanks for dropping by!

My life pretty much revolves around art and music. I play saxophone, flute, piano, harmonica and percussion, and I'm currently playing with Sonoma County's radical grassroots guerilla marching band, The Hubbub Club.

When I'm not practicing, I'm usually sketching or painting. I've always been fascinated with peoples' hands and facial expressions, which is why I enjoy drawing portraits of musicians. I also like to paint in the Impressionist style.
Here are some examples of my artwork

colored pencil sketch of Oscar Pettiford   pen and pencil sketch of Bud Powell   Jimbo's self-portrait   pencil sketch of trumpeter Johnny Coles   colored pencil sketch of cellist
From left: bassist Oscar Pettiford, pianist Bud Powell, my self-portrait, trumpeter Johnny Coles, and a colored pencil sketch of a cellist

watercolor of trumpeter and saxophonist   impressionist painting of sailboat   impressionist painting of poppy field in the style of Monet
Jazz musician watercolor and two acrylics

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