Don't Call Me Kitty!
painting of Kato Some lessons I learned from Kato:

If you cannot speak intelligently, it's best to remain silent.

Don't broadcast your strategy after you've one-upped your opponent.

Present yourself as though you are a gift.
Photo of Kato Kato, the beautiful apricot-point Himalayan with the perpetual frown, belongs to my friend Eugene

It's often said that people tend to resemble their pets both in looks and personality, and in Eugene's and Kato's relationship, this is true. Eugene is a very fine violinist who takes his music seriously. Kato is a no-nonsense cat. Both sport a thick shock of long, unruly white hair tinged with traces of red (think Toscanini). Speak to either of them in a dignified and intelligent manner, and eventually they might warm up to you.

In order to capture Kato's attention and respect, one should never condescend to him by calling "Here Kitty, Kitty!" He will cut you down with an ice cube stare. But turn on a Mozart CD or serenade him with a Baroque violin duet, and this finicky feline who truly appreciates the intricacies of classical music might just roll over on his back in a state of bliss with his all four of his chubby little fat feet pointed toward the ceiling. Undignified? Perhaps in your opinion, but certainly not in his.

Kato spends most of his days indoors, but there came a time when he began to surprise Eugene by knocking on the patio door...from the outside. For weeks, Eugene was unable to determine Kato's escape route, and Kato finally reached the point where he could no longer tolerate Eugene's cluelessness. He ceremoniously led Eugene to the spare bedroom and sat down beneath a window that had been broken long ago. The tape on the quick-fix cardboard backing had finally pulled away from the metal framework, and with only a slight effort on Kato's part, he'd been able to push it open just enough to slip outside. Only trouble was, the windowsill prevented the cardboard from pushing back inward when Kato was ready to return, so he'd simply resorted to the most logical alternative - summoning his servant with a knock on the door. Eugene finally replaced the broken window.


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