The Love Affair
painting of Peaches and Gooey Some lessons I learned from Peaches & Gooey:

True friendship transcends preconceived boundaries and prejudices.

If you really love someone, don't be swayed by the opinions of others.

Opposites truly do attract.
Photo of Peaches and Gooey What a Team!

When my husband walked into the house with a twelve-week old Cairn Terrier puppy tucked into his coat pocket, most of our cats went berserk. How dare he interrupt their calm and predictable day-to-day routine with this rowdy Tasmanian devil! While most of them were hissing, spitting, and blowing up like puffer fish, Gooey was encircling the new addition with great interest and a sparkle in his eye. I could almost hear him thinking "WOW! What a fabulous new toy!"

We named her Peaches, and she demonstrated early on that she was no fool. In the beginning, she seemed stunned and dumbfounded by Gooey's displays of affection, but she soon realized that he was her strongest ally and her safe haven from the outstretched claws and rude comments of the other cats. They hung together from day one, and Gooey took seriously his new position of Bodyguard. He would sit in a nearby chair and watch over Peaches while she slept, protecting her from feline ambushes. When she'd awaken, the two of them would play. Peaches used to fling that poor cat four feet into the air and shake him like a rag doll, but whenever we'd separate them so Gooey could get a break, he'd howl unceasingly until we put them back together again. He'd be mad at us for spoiling his fun. I don't think they ever had a serious spat.

The two of them shared their toys, their food and water bowls, and their side-by-side afternoon naps in the sun. After determined persistence on Gooey's part, the sweet-natured Peaches even relented to sharing her bed with him. He talked to her all the time (bossing her around, no doubt), and sometimes it seemed like he was trying to teach her how to sing. Peaches never quite got the hang of it, though, preferring instead to focus her talents on other tricks, such as the art of stalking and ambushing a human head from the uppermost perches of the couch. Gooey was quite proud when she mastered that one, and he soon developed a similar variation of that same trick. Unfortunately, he targeted only unsuspecting victims with bald pates.


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