Lucy - A Dog of Many Talents
painting of Lucy Lucy's Philosophy:

I twirl, therefore, I am.

A crisp new bandana and a snappy purple leash - recipe for adventure!

Life is like an agility course - sometimes you must pause to let your partner catch up.
Photo of Lucy Lucy's story (as told by her Mom, Ellyn):

"Lucy, a little Border Collie, came into our lives through a 'GOOD FOR ONE PUPPY AT THE ANIMAL SHELTER' birthday card given to me by a special friend. Shortly thereafter, I found myself sitting cross-legged in the visitor's yard at the local shelter, surrounded by scrambling, tumbling puppies. One in particular, a 9-week-old black and white ball of twirling fluff, demanded my attention by repeatedly bounding into my lap, staring deeply into my eyes and whispering, with puppy breath, 'I am the one!'

And so it was that on a lucky September evening, Lucia Mezzera Boone joined our family. She followed us everywhere, nipping at our heels and staring for unbelievable periods of time without blinking. She won our hearts with her determination to defy gravity by hurling her little body through the air from any elevated surface. We nicknamed her 'Rocket Girl'.

Lucy has matured into a well-mannered young lady. She occupies her time with agility classes and Pet Assisted Therapy visits to nursing homes. Her favorite toys are her plush Orca whales and a talking Fisher Price camera. She proudly trots around the house carrying three slippers at once, and is currently working up to four.

Photo of painting by Lucy Lucy also has a talent for creating beautiful abstract paintings using her white-tipped tail as a brush. She is one of the founding artists and a regular contributor to PAWS FOR LOVE, an annual fundraiser held each February in Sonoma County, California. The Paws for Love Foundation provides resources and funding to shelters, rescue groups, and individuals dedicated to improving the health, welfare, and adoptability of unwanted and abused animals.

Most of the artwork sold at the PAWS FOR LOVE benefits is created by shelter animals, though on occasion, other talented four-footed critters paint and contribute as well. This patriotic canvas entitled "Dog Bless America" was painted by Lucy in honor of the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation and the thirteen dogs sent to the World Trade Center. It was one of the first paintings to sell at the 2002 PAWS FOR LOVE event.

We are so proud of Lucy. She is our constant companion, steadfast guardian, and best friend."


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