Life's Cruel Injustices
painting of Rufy and BooBoo Some lessons I learned from Rufy & BooBoo:

A true friend loves you in spite of yourself.

The best way to minimize your negatives is to accentuate your positives.

If you play your cards right, every hand can be a winner.
Photo of Rufy and BooBoo BooBoo and Rufy share their daily trials and tribulations with Peter and Maryanne Markus. Four-year-old BooBoo, a squat and solid little Russian Blue mix, has the soul, temperament and spirit of an ancient philosopher. Rufy, a ten-year-old apricot cream Manx, has, well...a bit of a self-image problem. Something's wrong, but he can't quite figure out what it is. His peers refuse to take him seriously, and he is tormented relentlessly by the other cats in the 'hood. They invade his territory and taunt him in his own backyard! He gets no respect.

It's been another hard day for the Markus cats. Once again Rufy has been ambushed in his driveway by one of the bullies who just won't go away. Never one to instigate confrontation, Rufy has a hard time understanding why he is continually challenged to defend his honor on his own turf. What's even more baffling is that none of those cats ever pick on BooBoo.

"How many more times must I prove my strength, my status and my superiority?" Rufy wonders aloud.

BooBoo is equally perplexed, but for different reasons, for to him, the answer is obvious. If Rufy would just grow himself a tail like the rest of those cats, his troubles would be over. But BooBoo is too diplomatic to add insult to Rufy's injuries by speaking the answer aloud. Instead he just rolls his eyes in long-suffering sympathy for his pathetically unenlightened pal.


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