Enveloped by Stardust
painting of Mise Some secrets Misé has shared with Alex:

The healthy benefits of Turkish dancing;

the joys of grazing;

the daily delights of a serendipitous lifestyle.
Photo of Mise One of many short stories about Misé:

Misé (pronounced "Mischa") belongs to my friend, Alex. Because of his all-white coloring which puts him at risk for skin cancer, Misé is strictly an indoor cat. He's a smart and observant feline, so it didn't take him long to turn this limitation to his advantage. After observing and figuring out the family dynamics, Misé quickly morphed all the existing rules into a win-win situation in his favor, and before long, he was the undisputed patriarch of the household. His folks aren't even embarrassed to admit it.

One day Alex and Misé were sitting at the kitchen table. On a humorous whim, Alex reached over and placed a gold crown napkin ring on Misé's head. He just looked at her, completely unfazed, as if to say "What took you so long to give me this crown which I so richly deserve?" We all agreed that this moment deserved to be forever immortalized on canvas. To make it really special, I gold-leafed the crown and the frame.


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