Motorman's Dream
  painting of a dream I had about Motorman Some lessons I learned from Motorman:

Sometimes a cat can be your best dance partner.

Hugs offered are usually returned.

Conversations without eye contact don't have much effect on the soul.
Photo of Motorman The inspiration for this painting came to me in a dream shortly after I lost Motorman, my beloved nine year old cat, to oral cancer. Even though my dream occurred many years ago, I can still vividly recall every detail, and even to this day, I feel as though I physically experienced it. I believe it was Motorman's way of getting in touch with me to let me know that he was OK and that "hey, things are pretty cool over here!"


As I walked alone in a forest under a full moon's brilliant light, I came upon an ancient oak tree. When I sat down to rest on a pile of rocks under the branches, I heard Motorman call my name, and I looked up. He was sitting on a branch directly above me.

"I've learned some wonderful new tricks on my journey," he announced, and as I watched in amazement, he executed a handstand on the gnarly branch, balancing gracefully on one front leg. He was grinning broadly from ear to ear. Suddenly everything around us was enveloped in a beautiful glowing light which I interpreted as joy, and a bright yellow halo encircled all the stars. I raised my arms to catch him, even though I knew he would not fall.

"Oh, Motorman, I miss you!" I cried out, suddenly overwhelmed by an inexpressible sadness.

"But surely you must know that I am always with you," he replied, somewhat perplexed. "It was you who knew me and loved me best."

I awoke feeling peaceful and comforted, but soon began to worry that the beautiful images in the dream would fade from memory. I wanted to remember every word of my conversation with Motorman. Having heard my cat speak actual words seemed strange to me upon awakening, but while the dream was occurring, it felt perfectly normal and natural.

I went into my studio and began to paint the dream, working through the early hours of the morning. My brushes flowed with an energy of their own, and I instinctively chose the perfect colors and textures that captured the moonlight, the rough bark of the tree, and the shimmering halo around the stars. For the first time in my life, I completed an entire painting without making a single change


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