photo of Nick Marzullo

In Memory of
Nick Marzullo

January 31, 1984
July 7, 2002
We Miss You, Nick!

painting by Nick Marzullo  painting by Nick Marzullo  photo of Nick Marzullo  painting by Nick Marzullo  painting by Nick Marzullo

painting by Nick Marzullo  painting by Nick Marzullo  painting by Nick Marzullo  painting by Nick Marzullo

I met Nick Marzullo when I began teaching art at a local junior high opportunity school. He was a student in my 9th grade class. I doubt he learned much from me, though - Nick was already worlds beyond anything I could have taught him. He'd usually complete three or four variations on each assignment before the rest of the class could finish even one. As with Picasso, Nick had his own unique style. The canvases created by these two artists could comfortably hang side by side.

Nick was an old soul. He worked quickly with no apparent conscious decisions regarding color, form or composition. He never agonized over details of this nature, because he intuitively sensed whatever was needed to transfer his imagination directly to the canvas. His brush had a life of its own, and his colorful work mirrors his intensity and energy. He had that special spark, that creative drive that just wouldn't quit, and he often painted throughout the night in his garage studio while listening to Miles Davis and Lou Reed CDs.

Nick passed away at age 18 from a brain stem injury incurred in a fall from the back of a friend's pickup truck. When someone so gifted dies at such a young age, the loss always seems heavier and harder to bear. I couldn't believe the world had lost this talented young man who had requested a live palm tree and a cake shaped like a pyramid for his fifth birthday. I miss him, and I mourn for all the creativity and color the world will never see.

An exhibition of Nick's paintings and a celebration of his life was held in 2003 at the A Street Gallery, 312 South A Street, in Santa Rosa, California. The paintings shown here are just a small sampling of the canvases Nick created in his short lifetime. To see more of his art, visit

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