The Moon and the Stars
painting of Ninja and YumYum Some lessons I learned from Ninja & YumYum:

The water bowl is always half full.

The word 'boredom' should be removed from the dictionary.

Hide all your treasures under the rug.
Photo of Ninja and YumYum The story of Ninja and YumYum
(as told by their Mom, Rosemary)

"We call these girls our children, because they are truly our babies. After Juicy Fruit, our first Burmese, passed away at age 16, we were catless for a year and a half. When we decided to begin our search for two more Burmese, we attended several cat shows and visited several breeders before we finally made a connection with two very special kittens. The hardest part was waiting until they were four months old before we could take them home. And what a day of delight that was!

From that point on, Ninja and Yum Yum have been our complete home entertainment center. They love to go for rides in the car, and they also enjoy leisurely walks with us on their leashes. We are currently working on toilet training, but first we have to train a certain human to leave the seat rim down."


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