Lava Field Oasis
impressionist painting of lava field oasis near La Perouse
Image © Alison Whalen
We hiked on the lava fields near La Perouse for a long time before realizing we'd overshot the turnoff to our snorkeling destination by at least a mile. It was like walking on the moon, just a dry hot wind, nothing growing, no signs of life, only desolate miles and miles of lava as far as the eye could see.

We climbed yet another ragged, challenging hill and then descended into an unexpected oasis lush with plants and a small anchialine pond. But we couldn't swim there. The pond was brackish with silt and a gorgeous iridescent chartreuse and ochre sulfur that glittered like flecks of gold under the baking sun. We rested there awhile before heading back. The beauty of the oasis was such a surprise, such a gift.

acrylic on paper
actual image size - 4 1/2" X 7"

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