Oscar Kicks Back
painting of Oscar Some lessons I learned from Oscar:

Don't step into the spotlight unless you have nothing to hide.

You can't fully examine a problem from all angles unless you look at it from upside down.

The loudest purr wins.
Photo of Oscar Gangly, long-legged Oscar is overflowing with adolescent energy and enthusiasm. He loves to stalk his feather on a stick and has many other toys to keep him occupied. But after Oscar discovered how to activate the security lights alongside his driveway, that game quickly became his favorite pastime. He loves to dance and cavort in the glow of the lights without a care as to who may be watching. In the daylight hours, he can often be found camouflaged in the high tree branches, menacing birds who pay him little or no attention.

Oscar's dad is a Harley enthusiast, and as soon as Oscar hears the rumble of an approaching motorcycle, the decibel level of his own motor increases. He believes that the loudest purr wins.


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