Happy Holidays to All in 2003

painting of our 2003 Christmas card featuring Peaches

"The holiday festivities end abruptly after Peaches mistakes Santa for a giant squeak toy."

Photo of Peaches unwrapping Christmas presents

Toys and food - two of Peaches' favorite things. The only edibles she walks away from are onions and green peppers. Everything else is considered a delicacy to be inhaled as quickly as possible before her people catch on, just in case she isn't supposed to be eating it. Christmas is her favorite time of year, because during the holidays she always scores plenty of goodies and a new squeak toy. We hang her stocking the day after Thanksgiving, and every day she checks it at least twice to see if anything new has mysteriously appeared while she was snoozing under the bed. She is an adept package-shredder and loves to open her own gifts, especially if they smell good or make noise.

So with these personality traits in mind, I decided to feature Peaches in a painting I did for our 2003 holiday card. I must offer a tongue-in-cheek apology to this dear little dog who hasn't got a mean bone in her body and would never, ever misbehave in such an aggressive manner as to attack Santa. She would, however, scarf his cookies down in a heartbeat.

Happy Holidays to all from Big Al, Mighty Jimbo, and all the critters!


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