"Santini's Successful Endeavor"

Santini's Successful Endeavor - collage made from wine capsules

Detail from Santini's Successful Endeavor - collage made from wine capsules
Santini - detail
From the moment he was born, Santini started growing. Bigger. Bigger. Bigger. Soon he dwarfed his people, and they could no longer afford to feed him. Sensing a need to contribute, Santini approached his master, a poor hard-working peasant.

"I want to start pulling my weight, but I don't know what to do. I'm only a dog. What are my qualifications?"

Santini's master smiled. "Focus on your assets and look for a sign."

Later, while out and about on his daily rounds, Santini spotted a perfectly good 40-foot ladder in a neighbor's trash pile. "This is it! Exactly what I need!" he exclaimed, and with minimal effort, he hauled his newfound treasure home.

The next day, 'Santini's School in the Sky' opened its doors, and artists of all ages seized the rare opportunity to sculpt and weave the elusive clouds they had previously been unable to reach.

Word spread rapidly, and enrollment soon reached capacity. Steak was now on Santini's table every night…and the sky was never quite the same again.

collage made from wine capsules, bamboo, and pen and ink; assembled on archival paper

framed in a simple black wood and glass shadowbox with thin black edge overlap

framed dimensions - 14 1/2" x 17 1/2"

Original for sale - - Price on Request


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