I Am Feline - I Am Invincible!
painting of Snickers Some lessons I learned from Snickers:

Be a good listener - sometimes that's all a friend really needs.

Before you can convince others to believe in you, you must believe in yourself.

Once you overcome self-doubt, there is really nothing left to fear.
Photo of Snickers Nineteen-year-old Snickers and her soulmate, Elizabeth, reside in Texas where everything is bigger, including courage. Though small in stature, this gutsy feline has the heart of a lioness and the determination of a mule.

The books in her painting are appropriately titled "Beyond Nine Lives", "Feline Longevity", and "Winning through Stubbornness". Snickers doesn't really need self-help books, though - she applies her life experiences to each new challenge and comes out a winner every time.

Snickers has fallen from a tall building. She has been hit by a car. She nearly drowned in a swimming pool. She required many stitches and a long convalescence after a nasty tangle with a grouchy raccoon (witnesses say the raccoon got the worst of it). An unsuspecting canine once foolishly pegged Snickers as easy prey and was quickly sent fleeing with his tail between his legs. Word must have gotten around, for there's not a dog in her neighborhood who is willing to venture within fifty feet of her territory - which is anywhere Snickers happens to be at the moment. During a veterinary examination following one of her accidents, it was discovered that Snickers had some buckshot pellets under her skin which had evidently been there for quite some time. This mystified Elizabeth, for Snickers had never exhibited any symptoms of discomfort from this problem.

It seems no matter how many catastrophes befall her, Snickers continually overcomes the odds and bounces back more determined than ever to live her nine lives to the fullest. She is one tough cat, and her resilient attitude is an inspiration to all who are lucky enough to meet her on a good day.


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