painting of Stoopie Some lessons I learned from Stoopie:

Be tolerant of the peons who serve and adore you.

Beauty sleep is a necessity, not an indulgence.

That stupid move I just made...I meant to do that!
Photo of Stoopie Here is a Stoopie Story, told by her Dad, Bo.

"About eight years ago, my wife, Annette, found Stoopie in a vacant house she was previewing as a real estate agent. The house was located in Santa Rosa, and the tenants had moved out, evidently leaving behind a darling but clueless and clawless little cat.

Annette took the cat to the no-kill Healdsburg Animal Shelter. However, since Stoopie was found outside the limits of the area they service, the shelter was unable to accept her. So Annette brought the clawless cat home to our house that already contained two kids and two cats, Tubbies and Herurzz, both in full possession of their claws. Those two cats made life a bit difficult for Stoopie at times.

Because she had such a regal bearing and always looked marvelous, we named her Princess. Annette lengthened the name to Princessa Stoopeta Piszinsky, and her nickname evolved to 'Stoopie.'

At first, Stoopie seemed almost autistic, and she never purred. In the family's imagination, she sometimes became the equivalent of a blonde joke. But over the years, she has become affectionate and has definitely grown a purr motor. She has managed to outlive Tubbies and Herurzz, and now that our kids have moved away, she is our sole little one.

Stoopie sometimes enjoys a meal with us at the table, provided the kibble is NOT from the bottom of the bag. She always manages to retain her regal bearing and her unique 'stoopie-ness.' "


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