Leaving Maui - Last View on Takeoff
impressionist painting of aerial view of Maui
Image © Alison Whalen
Whenever we come back to Maui, I always tell myself, 'This time we're staying for good.' No matter how long we're on the island, it's never long enough. But the date on our return tickets always arrives eventually, and we reluctantly head back home to California.

In 2008, my wish almost came true. The day after we landed on Maui, our airline went bankrupt and we suddenly had NO return trip tickets. We were castaways! Being the queen of rationalization, whenever I'd start to book a new flight home, I'd think, 'Naahh...still too many other people trying to get home, the airlines are still price-gouging, let's give it another week.' This went on for almost four weeks before we finally committed to a departure date.

Right after our plane took off, the sun broke through the clouds and we flew straight through a rainbow. I looked down from the window and saw the trees along the sugar mill road, the red clay earth beneath them on fire in the sunlight. I felt like my heart was splitting in two.

acrylic on paper
actual image size - 8" X 8 1/2"

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