Sailing into Turtletown
impressionist painting of a sailboat heading toward Turtletown
Image © Alison Whalen
Our good friend Steven is an artisan finish carpenter. When he's not creating custom cabinets or furniture, he builds sailboats. We refer to these projects as Captain Stevie's experimental watercrafts. Rarely do we take them on a sail without a fiasco, and over the years we've learned to take nothing aboard but the life preservers. Steven's dry stowage compartments always seem to exist only in theory, and many of our belongings, including my wedding ring, have gone overboard as offerings to Neptune.

Turtletown is always an easy sail, though. It's less than a mile offshore, and one of the best areas to swim with Maui's sea turtles. A few minutes after dropping anchor, we hear the sharp hissing sound as the turtles surface and take deep breaths before diving down again. We slip overboard, and these curious gentle giants allow us to join them for a swim. We respect their space, even when they approach us. Although there are plenty of opportunities to touch them, we resist the temptation. Touching Maui's 'Honu' is illegal and can cause bacterial infections on their skin and shell that can be life-threatening.

acrylic on paper
actual image size - 5 1/2" X 7 1/4"

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