Principessa LaZaz
painting of Zazie Some lessons I learned from Zazie:

You can't expect to be treated like a princess unless you live the role to the fullest.

If, in da Vinci's opinion, every cat is a masterpiece, who are we to argue?

Save the diet routine for your next life!
Photo of Zazie wearing her tiara I was commissioned by Carlye to paint portraits of her two cats, Zazie and Izzy, who have distinctly different personalities. The following insights into Zazie's personality are provided in these written instructions which Carlye has provided to her cat-sitter:

"Zazie was named after the loud-mouthed, irrepressible brat in Raymond Queneau's book (and Louis Malle's movie) 'Zazie dans le Metro.' Zazie is also known as Brat Cat, Principessa LaZaz (when she's acting imperially), and Zazette (when she's being coy). She is rather outgoing and may be affectionate. If you sit still long enough, she may jump up into your lap, but only if you are reading something she can sit on.

She loves to explore and will attempt to open all closed doors and drawers. She is an adept acrobat and climbs ladders with ease. Food is her number one priority, so don't forget her daily treats, or she will make your life miserable. Belly rubs and head scratches are much appreciated (at her request, of course - if she lays down on her side in front of you, that's a good clue). She enjoys chasing her little ribbon, and seems happiest wherever she is most in the way.

Zazie has some strange habits. She prefers water from the bathroom or kitchen tap. If you notice that she is staring intently at a faucet, please turn on a trickle of water for her. She will also try to lick the water from your legs when you step out of the shower (she doesn't get this from MY side of the family!). Don't be alarmed if she climbs into bed with you around 2 AM and starts grooming your hair...she's actually better than some professional stylists.

She may answer to any or all of the following:
- 'Kitty KITTY!' in a high voice (oh, I'm so embarrassed...)
- shaking the cat treat bag
- clinking two glass bowls together (canned food service signal)
- clapping hands and begging."

And yes, Zazie really does have her own tiara.


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