Zeke, Zeke, the Circus Freak
painting of Zeke Some lessons I learned from Zeke:

The world becomes so much bigger when you rise up to embrace it.

When dogs reach a certain age, they shouldn't be expected to tolerate the antics of foolish puppies.

It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it.
Photo of Zeke Zeke's story, as told by his Mom, Amber...

"I met Zeke at a shelter where I was volunteering. Zeke wasn't available to the public because he came into the shelter with an injury. He had a genetic disease that affected his joints - in his case, the cartilage in his shoulder broke off and hurt him, so he stopped using his front right leg. The surgeon thought he would have to amputate his leg, but took a chance on alternative surgery, and the operation was successful! Since I was a senior volunteer, I got to hang out with Zeke, and I told the shelter I wanted to adopt him after he healed from his surgery. I took Zeke to lots of rehab, and now you can barely tell he limps.

Zeke comes to work with me every day at Dogtopia. He can be a little snarky to puppies, so he doesn't play with other dogs at work. Instead, he hangs out with me at the front desk where he gets lots of attention and treats from parents picking up and dropping off their dogs. His nickname is Zeke Zeke the Circus Freak because he can stand and walk on his back legs for an unreal amount of time, and he loves to dress up in costumes, sweaters, bandannas or jackets. A pet psychic who comes to my facility told me that Zeke enjoys being the Dogtopia mascot, and takes his job as Official Greeter very seriously.

We go to the dog park so Zeke can interact with other dogs. When he finds dogs he likes to play with, he tucks his butt in and runs sideways, and sometimes makes an hilarious high pitched sound. For some reason, he loves being chased by other dogs. He has passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen test, a ten-part program developed by the AKC to ensure enrolled dogs attain the proper level of manners and behaviors to qualify as a "good citizen". Zeke is so well-behaved that I can bring him anywhere dogs are allowed.

Zeke and I participated in 'Fashion for Paws,' a fashion show benefiting the Washington DC Humane Society. He strutted down the catwalk with more than 1,200 people watching him, taking photos and applauding. Total ham that he is, he soaked up the attention like a sponge. In the future, I would like him to become a therapy dog, because he really loves people and knows how to bring a smile to their faces."


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